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"Most often these mysterious saga's often forget the most important element to pour a solidifed foundation of the main character(s). This author get's a total A in this department. I will be honest I was taken back by how the main character arrived into her position as a budding adventure character.

The book evolves brilliantly and the story has intrigue as well as some steamy sexual undertones to keep most of us hoping for even a little more. I was charmed by Spade early and often. Occassionaly, I felt over exposed to some of the characters lustful desires which seemed to always be present(possibly a little boy crazy). However, the author does an excellent job of enticing the reader, but never crossing the often exploited in so many typical works of adventure fiction.

What is so witty about this book is how the leading lady really is perceived to be a misfit, one who doesn't realize her own innate abilities. Her cast of friends and her leader often seem to exploit that, but of course there is a reasonable explanation as to why that drives you to thumb through for more. I am a sucker for books like this and often complete things feeling violated. This book does just the opposite it leads you to politely ask "may I have anoter!" Goodreads. By Logic Boy 

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