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Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Dear Reader(s):

Thank you for visiting my website. :)

Other websites by me:

Here are my books on the big screen. Enjoy!

Spades Book One

Spades Book Two

Spades Book Three

Spades Book Four

The Time Stopping People 1

The Time Stopping People 2

The Time Stopping People 3

It's official! Book Tour coming soon.

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To the members of this website; be prepared to get instant updates, prizes,

coupons, and so much more. Enjoy featured material that you won't find

anywhere else on the web.

Want a signed paperback copy from the author herself?

Email Type 'Paperback copy' and


Stay in the loop.

My new upcoming book is called 'The Time Stopping People'
This untitled book (which has never been released) will be brought to you by me in June of 2020.
And yes, I invite you to join me every step of the way.

Get Inspired. PURCHASE a copy HERE & receive a personal autographed

note from myself when you email this address: saying that you've been to my website!

Good luck!

THE TIME STOPPING PEOPLE is a spin-off rendition of the SPADES series. It's literally made in Jack's perspective. So just think of TTSP being like a final variation of SPADES.

My suggestion: Read all of them.

Start with Spades Book One, and complete your journey with THE TIME STOPPING PEOPLE. The Time Stopping People series will be released sometime in June of 2020. So mark your calendars and enjoy the ride!

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