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 Caro Basketball,

La musica è viva. Il rumore ci tiene vivi.
Fallo. Fallo. Fallo.
Sii te stesso.
Non serve nient’altro.
Niente conta di più dell’essere autentici.
Spero che ti piaccia il libro che ho scritto su di te.
Ho tantissime altre storie da condividere.
Quando scrivo o prendo appunti, mi sento come se incanalassi una centrale.
Grazie per avermi invitato.
Grazie per avermi concesso di usarti. Basketball.
Per svolgere la mia ricerca. Per essere guidato dalle forze.
Dalla verità.
Amore mio.
Goditi le serie con me.
Per sempre.




Dear Basketball,


How do I keep my feet from flying? This place is like a cool pair of shoes that don't fit. I don't know where to start or how to begin this fateful inquisition but I figure out. My dad. My mom. My sisters. All the support I need to make it over the rim (so-to-speak) is here with me, at this weird little station called Italy.


isolated in italy

Dear Basketball,




Just like that, we packed our bags, bounced and moved here– going to a place where we knew we could win. This was the bravest and most challenging choice we made as a unit. I think it built our self-esteem and confidence, which in turn, remained with us for the rest of our lives. It spilled over and affected every Bryant here. Packing and not looking back seemed evasive at the time, like we were escaping and exploring something new. We were on the search for a new beginning, a new meaning – another place where we could dream and be creative.

CHAPTER THREE origins of violence

Dear Basketball,




Knowing my purpose at such a young age put deeper matters into focus. I felt a heavier load. I had more responsibility than most kids, because I knew more. There was even a price for being too smart, too  fast. But  I  didn’t  hold  back  the  urgency. Intelligence  is  okay with me. I can handle the load. Which is why there aren’t too many lessons outside my reach, because I was born to ask questions, to seek and learn. I feel like a natural student. Answers flock to me, even before I can finish the thought. Then more thoughts pull it away and create opposing thoughts. And then I have to find ways of absorbing intelligence and to know the difference between what’s here to help me, and what’s not here to help me. Then knowing,  at the core: everything is here to help me. As long as it’s being organized. There’s a big difference.